Multicultural Students Abroad

Things to Consider as you Choose a Program

  • What cultural attitudes, laws, or context exist towards multicultural students in the host country? You will need to consider what the racial, religious, or other majorities are in your intended host country as you answer this question.
  • Are there opportunities for exchange students to indicate a preference for a roommate with a similar cultural or religious background as themselves?
  • Are there multicultural community activities nearby?

Preparing to Go Abroad

Consider the following to help ease the transition into the culture of your destination.

  • How open will I be about my cultural heritage with people in my host country? How might this impact my experience abroad?
  • How important is it for me to find other multicultural friends while I am abroad? How will I connect with them?
  • How will I stay in touch with my support network back home while I am abroad?
  • How will I incorporate my experiences abroad back into my life at UNT upon my return, especially if I have been a racial minority for the first time while abroad?

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