How do you choose the best program for YOU?  


  • Do you need to complete major, minor, elective, or language credits?  
  • Would you like to focus on a new area of study during your program?
  • Would you prefer to take classes led by a UNT faculty member with only UNT students? 
  • Do you want to take classes in English with local students, international students, and American students while having access to on site professional staff? 
  • Do you want an independent experience while taking classes at a local university in the local language?  


  • Do you have a specific culture, region, or country of interest?
  • Would you prefer a program that travels to multiple destinations?
  • Would you prefer a major metropolitan area, a small city, or a rural area?


  • How much time do you want to spend abroad – a few weeks, an entire summer, a semester, or an academic year?
  • How much flexibility do you have for when you can study abroad? Are you limited to a specific term?


  • Would you prefer to live with a host family, with local students, with other U.S. and international study abroad students, or with other UNT students?


  • Will you use your current scholarships, grants or tuition waivers during a study abroad program (if applicable)?
  • Have you searched for additional scholarships outside of UNT sources?
  • Have you brainstormed community-based funding ideas?


  • Do you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for study abroad and the admission requirements for your selected study abroad program?

Identities Abroad

  • Take stock of who you are: your race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual identity, etc. You should always be you, but it’s good for you to be aware of your multiple, intersecting identities—even ones that may not be obvious or “out”—so you can consider how they could impact your study abroad experience.

Special Circumstances

  • Do you have any special needs such as a medical condition, learning disability, mental health condition or dietary restriction that may need accommodation or specialized resources while abroad?