Global Certificates at UNT

Want to internationalize your education?

Study Abroad can help fulfill requirements of each of UNT's global certificates. Speak with an advisor in your major to add one of the certificates below to your degree program. 

Peace Corps Prep Program 

The Peace Corps Prep Certificate is open to ALL majors at UNT.  Study abroad can help you complete the 50 hour field experience requirement through service learning or community engagement programming.

International Business Certificate 

Undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Business may document their training in international business by obtaining a certificate in international business.  Apply a College of Business–sponsored study abroad program for up to 3 hours of the international core requirement, and take foreign language abroad to complete the language requirement.

Global Perspectives Certificate 

The Global Perspectives Certificate is open to ALL majors at UNT. Complete the international experience requirement by participating in study abroad, an international internship, volunteer service abroad, or student teaching abroad. 

Leadership Studies Certificate 

Fulfill the requirement for UCRS 3600 over Wintermester with Leadership and Sustainability in the Dominican Republic.