Student Testimonials

Hospitality Major in Australia

My favorite thing about study abroad was meeting people from every corner of the world with completely different cultures from my own. I literally have friends in every country who tell me to come visit them now. It makes traveling again much easier!

It doesn't matter what you are going into, study abroad will make you stick out more than the average Joe. Going to college is all about making you more marketable to the field you want to go into. Studying abroad will expand that and open your eyes to endless possibilities of career options. Not to mention meeting some really great lifelong friends all over the world!

Anthropology Major in Costa Rica

Challenges can help you grow in ways you don't think are possible. Comfort is a deception. It can hold you back from experiencing greatness.

This experience has helped me understand the importance of budgeting time. You're in a beautiful country that you're dying to explore, but you still have tests and projects to plan for. I also learned that I definitely want travel to be a part of my job. I couldn't imagine a career completely contained in the United States.

Accounting Major in Europe

I decided to study abroad because there is a movement towards standardizing accounting methodology due to increased global business dealings and the needs of firms and corporations with a presence in foreign and domestic markets. Understanding the European perspective would be an asset to understanding international client needs.

I would recommend study abroad to any student. In addtion to the traditional single student, married couples and parents traveling alone (like myself) have successfully enjoyed and completed study abroad experiences. As an older student, I sought out working professionals in similar fields to my own, as my experience was one of professional and personal development. 

Journalism Major in Yucatan, Mexico

I was born abroad and have loved traveling since I was little. I learn so much and meet so many unforgettable people. I knew studying abroad while gaining skills for my craft and earning credit to graduate would only make the travel experience richer. 

You should do it. Figure out the finances and schedule later. UNT makes it easier than you think. Just make a commitment to studying abroad. You won't regret it, no matter where you choose to go.