Annemarie Dunford

Business Major

UNT Exchange Program: University of Leeds

Studying abroad gives people a different view of the world. Studying at a foreign university is not only extremely beneficial to those studying language, but also eye-opening to people who have never experienced a culture different from our own. I feel that it's important to the UNT student to experience a culture unlike the one here in Texas. I feel that it would be nice for our university to help students discover different world views, and learn about a different culture's values and points of view (even if it's a European country similar to the US; there is still value in international travel and the level of education at foreign universities). International travel also looks good on resumes, and potential employers may be more attracted to someone with knowledge of other cultures. Studying abroad can be difficult for many reasons (degree plan, money, etc) but with the study abroad office's help, students at UNT should genuinely consider the option.