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Sesalee Harris, Study Abroad Advisor

Sesalee Harris serves as the study abroad advisor for Asia, Africa, Oceania, Central & South America, the Caribbean, Spain/Portugal, and the Middle East. Her professional background includes working in the graduate school at UTSA as well as the Executive MBA program at TCU. She has also taught English to refugees. Her love of linguistics and foreign languages has led her to the field of international education. She enjoys studying  Japanese and Spanish linguistics.

Sesalee holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Language Studies from UTSA as well as a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics with a certification in TESOL from UTA.  Schedule an appointment with Sesalee

Kathryn Conrad, Assistant Director

Kathryn is the Assistant Director of the Study Abroad Office and is primarily focused on faculty led programming. Her main responsibilities include advising and collaborating with faculty on the development of their own customized study abroad programs. Kathryn works with faculty and vendors to ensure their programs are inclusive and accessible for UNT students.

Students interested in faculty led programs should make advising appointments with either Evelyn or Sesalee depending on the program's location. Once a student has been accepted into a faculty led program, Kathryn's team works with these students to ensure everything is complete and ensure students feel prepared to go abroad. While students are abroad, Kathryn is one of three individuals on the Risk Mitigation and Management Team to handle any issues that may arise while students are abroad. Ask a question about a Faculty Led Program