Student FAQs

How can I pay for my program?

There are a variety of funding options for study abroad. Most financial aid is applicable, and there are an abundance of scholarships available. Visit our Scholarships & Funding page for more information on available options.

Are the grades pass/fail?

No, you will receive a letter grade for your study abroad courses.

  • For traditional faculty led programs, you will be graded on the usual A-F scale for your UNT class. Transfer courses may use alternate grading scales. Your faculty leader can provide you with more information.
  • For Global Intensive Opportunities, you will be enrolled in a zero credit Pass/No Pass course that is attached to a course you have already taken on campus. The experience will appear on your transcript.
  • For affiliate programs, your program may already be in U.S. credits and grade system. If you took classes at a foreign institution, the provider will usually include an outline of the grade conversion for your host institution.
  • For exchange programs, you can view the grade conversion scale here.  

How will my GPA be impacted?

All faculty led programs include at least one UNT course, so your grade for this course will be factored into your cumulative and UNT GPAs. Any transfer courses will be factored into your cumulative GPA only. Grades from affiliate and exchange programs will only be factored into your cumulative GPA.

What if there is an emergency while I’m abroad?

Unfortunately, sometimes something unexpected occurs while abroad. If there is an incident, UNT has emergency processes in place. UNT students studying abroad must be covered by International travel and accident insurance. Most UNT students participating in affiliate programs will be covered by their program's insurance policy. Please contact the affiliate for more details. UNT students participating in faculty led, exchange, direct-enroll and select affiliate programs (School for Field Studies and SRISA) will be covered by UNT's international travel and accident insurance.