Incident Reporting

The Study Abroad Incident Report is for use by students, faculty and staff to inform the Study Abroad Office and other UNT partners about incidents that occur abroad. The information reported will be reviewed by the Study Abroad and Dean of Students Offices for follow up. The Dean of Students Office will also review the report to determine whether the incident includes possible violations of the UNT Code of Student Conduct.

Per Study Abroad Offices guidelines, Faculty Leaders must report all program incidents in order to comply with federal laws and UNT policy.  Students may also report incidents that occur while on an exchange, faculty led, or affiliate program or while on an international field trip.

Examples of incidents that must be reported include:

  • Conduct that may violate UNT's Student Code of Conduct
  • Health or security concerns at the program site that represent a serious or continuing threat to students, faculty, or staff
  • Illnesses or injuries that prevent a student, faculty or staff from participating in program activities
  • Visits to doctor/nurses or medical facilities 
  • Physical or sexual assault
  • Harassment
  • Theft or loss of personal items
  • Reckless Destruction/Damage to Property
  • Violation of the laws, rules and regulations, or customs of the host country, community, institution, or program
  • Violation of program housing rules and regulations
  • Persistent disruptive behavior detrimental to the academic environment of the program
  • Behavior that endangers the health or safety of self or other participants