Health and Safety Abroad

In the event of a serious medical or legal emergency abroad:

  • Call the local equivalent of 911
  • Contact the on-site program representative immediately
  • If away from the study abroad program location, contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate for guidance 

Contact the UNT Study Abroad Office:

  • The Study Abroad Office can be reached at +1 940-565-2207. 
  • The UNT Police Department can be reached after business hours at +1 940-565-3003. 
  • Be sure to let UNTPD know you are a study abroad student and they will forward your information to our office.

Contact UNT's international insurance provider:

Students studying abroad on UNT faculty led programs, exchange programs, or with affiliates SRISA or The School for Field Studies are covered by UNT's international health insurance policy.

Travel Insurance Rates

File an Incident Report with UNT

If you are a UNT faculty or staff member abroad and experience an incident involving UNT students, you must fill out an Incident Report within 72 hours of the event.