Emily Peterson

Hospitality Management Major

IES Abroad Program: European Society and Culture in Vienna, Austria

Study abroad is so important. It is easy to have an easy life here in the states where everything is familiar. By studying abroad, you get pushed out of your comfort zone on so many levels. It can be uncomfortable and scary. But the growth that comes from branching out is almost indescribable. It takes flexibility and compromise, and a lot of realizing not everything works out how you imagine/would like it to. There are a lot of moments where you make mistakes, and when that happens you have to figure out how to problem solve on your own.

Studying abroad broadens your horizons to see that there are so many different people and cultures out there that you don't even know of, and I think that is the coolest part of it all. It makes you a more global person and gives you more of an interest to learn new things.