Kathryn Conrad

Faculty Led Program Coordinator


Kathryn Conrad serves as Faculty Led Program Coordinator. She is responsible for field trips and faculty led study abroad programs around the world.  She is a Texas native from San Antonio, but was raised around the country (and outside it) due to her father’s job with the Air Force.  For 10+ years, Kathryn lived and worked in the Middle East, even completing her Master's in International Law abroad. As an undergrad at Miami University of Ohio, she studied abroad three times in Europe and completed an internship in Istanbul, Turkey. These transformative experiences paved her way to the field of international education, where she has continued to grow professionally for the past eight years. Much of Kathryn’s experience has been working for the provider Amideast in Oman and other parts of the Middle East.

Kathryn holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs and French from Miami University of Ohio and a Master’s of Public Law from Université Paris Descartes (Paris V).